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How to Get the Most of this Website VS The Charlatan Effect

Friday 18th, 6pm

One person told me yesterday:

“I see you like a businessman, someone smart that tries to help people, but I’m still perplex. Your website looks like the kind that says “get back your ex”, with guides to pay for and coaching. I don’t want to be exploited and fear I should not trust you”

That’s a fair point.

My expertise is not marketing nor design.
I’m an Engineer and I like practical stuff that get results.

So this website may be a bit akward.
I’m working on it and am happy to get every constructive feedback you may have.

But what matters for you is:
How to get your sponsor / dream job?
How can this website help you to do that?
Where should you look first to get answers and solutions?

What should you do?

My advice: get the best free stuff first.

Here are the most valuable free information on this website (at this date):
Free advice to save time: the lessons-learnt from someone who got a sponsor
A 7-steps action-plan you can start today to get your dream job
3 articles on the theory: job-hunting, networking and visas

Then, and because I want to make it clear: I’m an advocate of no-bullsh*t content.

Here are my references:
– 18 real people testimonials
– An interview of an Engineer who got a job in Melbourne
Daily posts on job hunting.

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