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Interview- How Laszlo Found an Engineering Job in 2 Months

Note: Laszlo had a 476-graduate visa, which allowed him to work 18 months for a company. This visa is not very common and its limitation made Laszlo’s researching harder – but despite the difficulties, he did it! 

What were your difficulties before our discussion?

Before meeting Thomas, I already had a few contacts in Australia. I had discussed with them on several occasions, but none would really lead me to the next step of my job hunt. I was just receiving encouragements.

I did have some peoples contact details and was repeatedly trying to get in touch with them, but my attempts remained unsuccessful for some reasons.

I was also trying to raise the attention of the companies offering the most suitable job offers on job advertisement websites, without being able to receive constructive feedback nor positive replies.

How was our work together useful to you?

Laszlo Pic Facebook - ModifiedI went through a full coaching session of two hours on Skype with Thomas.

Firstly, his help regarding the Resume structure has been highly beneficial. Even though I had already tried to gather information on the standard format of an Australian CV, I was still missing many useful details which I know now were detrimental to my applications.

We also discussed a lot about networking, a key element in Australia. How to contact people, who to contact, how to follow up, what are the differences with France etc… He taught me a very simple, however efficient approach of the art of networking. I applied this approach as much as possible in the following weeks – with results! Before the discussion, I did not realise the power of networking.

His help on my CV & on networking were key factors on getting my new job.  

When you had questions, how were the answers?

For each question I had, Thomas had an appropriate and structured answer. If somehow I was not fully convinced by one of them, I would just let him know and we would discuss this together, and reach a common ground.

The efficiency of the discussion with Thomas is also coming from him listening to you and your opinion, instead of bringing to the table some undisputable truths.

What happened after this initial coaching: how was the follow-up?

iphone-mobile-mobile-phone-48605Job hunting in Australia can be quite depressing when you feel like you have the required skills but no one wants to give you a chance to prove it.

Thomas has always been supportive and helpful during the 2 months that followed our coaching session.

I have honestly been impressed by his commitment and the timeliness of his replies to my numerous questions. It is very important to have someone that supports you in your quest, and that asks for some regular updates, and aims to help, even when you do not ask for anything.

Every single time I had a hesitation I would call Thomas or send him an email and within 24 hours he would get back to me and spend sometimes more than 1 hour discussing my issues/hesitations.

Thank you for that Thomas, I am now aware of how much time you spend with each person, that is admirable and indeed a very good value for money.

What were your results?

job offerI had 4 official interviews, two of them being held by recruitment agencies. The two other interviews led me to 2 job offers:

  • The first one occurred 6 weeks after my discussion with Thomas, 2 months and a half after I arrived in Australia. I applied for a role of Site Engineer on a large infrastructure construction project – I had this interview through my network. The day after the interview, I was offered the position.
  • The second one was informal: I just had a coffee with a manager and an engineer from a Civil & Design Consulting company. It happened the day after the first interview. 2 days after I had been offered the position of Sustainability Engineer!

If you had to recommend to a friend Dream Job Australia, what would you say?

The Job Hunt in Australia can be quite depressing when you do not have the appropriate manners and tools. You might have skills, motivation and good will, but are unable to use them properly. In the end, I think that people with the above qualities would end up finding their appropriate position. But within what timeframe?

Thomas’ services are helpful to accelerate a job hunt by providing very personalized support, which allows you to obtain results way quicker. His coaching is effective due to the large amount of time that he dedicates to your coaching and to the follow-up, and by his experience as a former working holiday visa who went through this difficult period of time (so he knows how it feels).

Time is money. By undertaking Thomas’ coaching, you will save a lot of both. This is a high return investment, which I was initially reluctant to make, but which finally turned out to be highly efficient.

Thomas, l’Ingénieur qui aide les Ingénieurs.
Pour aller plus loin: reçois ton guide pour trouver un travail en Australie.

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