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Resourcefulness of a 23y.o. French Engineer in Sydney

Wednesday 16th, North of Sydney

Yesterday, I had lunch with a young French Engineer who is finishing his studies in Australia.

He is looking for an internship.

Not only looking.

He is craving to stay in Australia.

He met this girl a few months ago, an Australian one, at university. And they felt in love. She is now learning French and he wants to stay here.

Yes, that sounds like a simple story.
But that is his day-to-day reality.

He wants to stay.
He will do whatever it takes.

Today, I wanted to show you what real determination is.

Here is their car.

car 01

On the back of it, they sticked a A4 white page with “Engineer Looking for an Internship, specialty in XXX, call me at 04 … ”

car 02

On the side of the car, same things, with in addition his CV next to this page.

So yes, it is not perfect.

The CV could be improved and the message he wrote could be better.

But he took action.
He wrote this and put it somewhere everyone else could see it.

He does not care of other people opinion.
Because he wants a job and will do anything to get it.

Before he parked, I saw a pedestrian stopping with interest and looking at his message on his car.

This can work.

He has the energy and the motivation to stay.
By focusing it and getting the right tools (because there are better ways!), he will get there.

So can you.

Stay motivated.
You can make it.
It will be hard, but nothing come without effort.

Contact me if you want help along the way.

I am now at full capacity. I won’t take any other coaching for the next 1-2 months, until one of them find a job.

To help more of you, my intent is to create an online training program “How to Get a Sponsor in Australia?”. If you want to be aware of the Beta, contact me (you could get free content + won’t be engaged).

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