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Getting a Sponsorship in Australia After Your New Year Resolutions – What You May Forget

One article per day, Monday to Friday, focused on the value for you.

That’s my new year resolution.

It’s challenging, precise and focused on small wins.

That’s three characteristics that yours should have to.

But there is one thing you should avoid (even if I do it).

As I write every day (like you do when you are looking for a job), there can and will be typos .

But the benefits outweigh this cost:

  • For you, more stories, tips and content every day.
  • For me, the ability to put my ideas in writing, to convey value and to develop credibility over time.

The biggest benefit is: we develop a relationship.

If we’ve never met, it makes it easier to discuss in real life.

If we’ve already met, it strengthen the relationships we get to share knowledge and ideas.

But I digress.

Back to the 2 lessons learnt for you:

1) creating relationships and building on the long-term is what will get you a sponsor / job  90% of the time. So go to networking events and get coffees with people.

2) Don’t do typos. I can afford it, as my business is not about being perfect and I have a full website to back me up, with most of my articles and content proof-checked by natives. But your CV and your first emails need to be perfect. This is your first impression, don’t screw it up.

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