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Don’t Do This When You Arrive: How NOT to Meet an Australian in 6 months?

One of my French client has been looking for a job for more than 6 months.

At the start of our work together, I asked her:

“Have you asked an Australian friend to proof-check your CV?”

She replied:

“I don’t have any Australian friend”

I was shocked.

How can someone not have local friends here after 6 months?

Well, there are many reasons that can explain how this happened.
Environment and (unknowingly) bad focus of energy are among them.


First, the environment.
French people tend to stay together (applies to other nationalities as well). We have a similar culture, it’s easier to speak in our mother tongue, every French person will bring more French friends … and here we are, we have 2, 4, 8, 20 French friends in Australia.

Second, intelligent procrastination.
Her main approach to look for jobs was to apply online.

She never felt the need to meet Australians in real life.
She was already doing a lot of effort (applying to so many jobs online).

Nobody told her how to access the hidden job market, even if she heard about it.

The Solution?

Through connections, through people.

You need to deeply & genuinely connect with as many people as possible

By doing intelligent procrastination – focusing on the online job application process instead of building a full network here, she jeopardise her chances to get a job (and didn’t find one in 6 months).

This example is here for you: don’t do this mistake, go out there and meet people.

This is how you will learn what is happening, where there are needs for people with your skillsets.

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