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Christmas is coming: how to keep looking for jobs?

This article is not relevant if you work in hospitality or tourism for which Christmas is the busiest time of the year.

Australia is stopping.

Most company will close for a week, maybe two.
HR will be more concerned by their kids asking for Santa Claus than by your CV and emails.

Are you stuck in your job hunting ?
Should you wait January ? Put your researches on hold?


Here are the 3 best things you can do during Christmas to be ready in 2019:

1) Sharpen your CV

Improve your CV and ask your friends to proofread it.
Be ready by the 2nd of January,  when everyone comes back.

2) Network smartly

Use situational emails (“Happy New Year! (…) “) to reconnect with old colleagues and university friends – especially if they are in companies you’re interested in.

Here is a simple example – if you want one tailored to your situation, tell me in the comments:

Best wishes for 2019 Chris !
How have you been doing in the last 6 months ?
Let’s have a coffee in January to catch up!

3) Rethink your strategy

Your time and energy are limited. This Christmas break is the opportunity to relax and to focus on what matters.

Write down what you really want to achieve in the next 3 months: what companies do you want to apply to? How to find & connect with key managers there? What networking events could you go to?

With clear goals in mind, you will have a head start in 2019!

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