Pierre-Louis B, Lean Engineer

At first when I arrived I had some trouble to understand what Australian job title would be equivalent to my French experience. For a long period I searched and applied to jobs I wasn’t qualified for without knowing it. Typically I applied to positions of “project manager” which here requires minimum 10 years of experience, I just had 3…

I learned first what positions would match my experience. Then Thomas made a referral to an opening which clearly made a strong impression as they called me for an interview right away.

The follow up with Thomas was regular, and I got an answer to every question I had.
He has a really excellent knowledge of the work market in Australia.

I got the interview, that ended up in a job offer, which I gladly accepted.

I really believe that for every project you have, you will succeed better with the help of someone. In the case of my job search in Australia, Thomas was exactly the help I needed to achieve my goal. I recommend him to anyone who has difficulties for finding a job in Australia, as it can really make the difference.