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She Got a Job in Sydney! (in Marketing)

Today, one of my client found a job in Sydney.

She was coming from far: she looked for a job for 6 months without results.

After that, she contacted me for help.

She had amazing qualities: organised, motivated and with the right attitude.
But she was not getting job and didn’t know why.

Everyone was telling her:

“A WHV? You don’t have the right visa”

That’s a bullsh*t excuse from the recruiters.

You can overcome this.

So we worked on it together.
> We prepared: CV, story & messages (= what to say?), contact emails (= what to write?)
> We developed actions plans: who to contact? where to go? what to do?
> We trained for live-situations (networking events, interviews).

At first I told her it will take between 2 to 4 months, probably at least 3 because in her field (Marketing), it is very competitive.

I was wrong.

She picked up everything I taught her quickly, making all those tools hers, adapting them to her personality.

She was dedicated, meeting all the targets we were setting together.

Until finally, yesterday, after only 6 weeks, she got this job offer – this is the best feeling in the world.


And things can go fast: she accepted and starts Monday!

This can happen to you too.


For the moment, I am not taking any clients because I’ve got too many and want to keep the quality of my service for them.

But if you want help, start here

All my clients have read those advice before we start working together: it shows they are ready to do their homework and give them a clear picture of how it works.

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