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From ‘Just Arrived’ Backpacker to A Sponsor Visa: Improving Your Job-Hunting Skills

You want a job or a sponsor (TSS / 457) in Australia, like many other French Engineers and foreigners.

Among those who succeed, some are faster than other.

why did they get a job faster?”

This question has always been in the back of my mind, and there is no easy answer.

Last week, my manager (from my day job) opened my eyes on a way to explain those differences.

Here is the take from this discussion, applied to “how to improve your job-hunting skills?”

The 5-Stage Journey

Improving skill can be represented as going through a journey, as per below:
inspired from the ADKAR change management best practice.

Awareness that you can improve your skills (presentation, networking, interviews…). If someone think they’re already at the top of the world (despite not getting job offers), nobody can help them

Desire to improve. Without motivation, nothing happen as it has to come from you.

Knowledge of how to improve. This is where a coach and peer-reviews come into plays. Get a good coach to improve faster.

Taking Action to up-skill. The more switch-on and willing you are, the quicker you will integrate the knowledge and be able to apply it.

Repetition to reinforce the skill by doing it over and over again. Each time, asking yourself “what can I do to improve?” and getting better at it (for example, after networking events or interviews).

Finally, it’s about you and you only:

“Each person go through the journey, but for some people the lengths of each stage is different”
Andrew L.

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