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Opportunity Cost & Getting a Job: Don’t Watch this Last Episode

Every choice has a price

If you spend 1h watching a Netflix tv-show, it’s 1h you won’t spend contacting someone.

Maybe it could have been the right person, the one looking to hire someone like you.

Time is finite. We only get the next hour once, and then it’s gone forever. So choices about how we spend or invest our time come with real opportunity costs
Seth Godin

If you’re looking for a job, you want to spend as much time as possible job-hunting, networking or at least doing your home-works on your project.

Of course, job-hunting has downs.

Try to manage them.

Allow time to yourself, to have fun & to enjoy life (even without a job).

But once you’re done, that you have energy and ready to move on, don’t watch this last episode, this last youtube-video.

Go get this job now.

Every person you meet can make the difference between you staying or leaving.

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