OLD – Transform Your French CV Into an Interview-Magnet

– Are you frustrated not getting called back when applying to jobs?
– Are you irritated nothing happen when friends “forward your CV to HRs”?
– Are you unsure of how good your CV really is?

If you replied yes to any of those 3 questions, keep reading. 

Your CV is THE most important piece of work when looking for a job in Australia.

Why You MUST Have A Good Australian CV?

Picture yourself in this scenario for a moment: you get the job you want. You can stay in Australia, live your dream life in the city of your choice (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide…) and stay with kangaroos for the next 2 to 4 years.

You can call your parents, your friends and tell them you succeeded: you got this job in Australia! You’ve made it by yourself.

Congratulations: you can stay here and enjoy the Australian lifestyle. A new experience oversea, by yourself or with your partner (if you have one).

Now, back to reality: you need a job now.

And what is the first step to get a job?
Interviews – formal or informal, it doesn’t matter, but you need to get those interviews.

This is where your CV comes in.

Your CV is your key to get interviews.

Here is Why Your CV is Unproductive

Your CV is your first impression to any person you contact.
It is either make or break.

The worse thing you can have is an average CV.


Because nothing is coming out of it. Your family & friends will say “Yeah, that looks good. Maybe modify this or that …. but overall it looks OK”. Then, they will forward your CV to their contacts but you will never hear anything back.

If your CV was good, you would already have been called back.

So let me help you transform your CV into an Australian interview-magnet.

The Solution? Transform Your CV Today

Thomas Gutierrez, Opera House, 2017_11When I came to Australia, I bought an online guide to work on my resume. It was a disappointing compilation of generic advice: “Be yourself“, “Check Spelling“, “Be noticeable“…  who has not read this bullsh*t before?

I was where you are now: I needed practical, down-to-earth and ready-to-use advice. With real-life examples, ideally “before / after” to get an actionable direction on how to improve my CV.

Fast foward 5 years later: I have helped hundreds of French people to get jobs in Australia. Over more than 2 years, I have helped them to craft better CVs.

I’m now revealing this content that you won’t find anywhere else.

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Warning! This is NOT for you if… 

  • You’re looking for a miracle solution, a magic-pill that will “give you a job right now without effort” that does not exist.
  • You’re not ready to invest 2 hours in yourself after buying this guide to update your CV. You will need to allocate time to get results.
  • You’re not taking action or are not really motivated. Some people like to complain on “how hard it is to find a job” but do nothing to help themselves. I can’t help them – and trust me, I’ve tried.
  • You believe everything is out of your control. Some part is due to chance, yes. But our mission is to be pragmatic sceptics: work on what we can control & influence, and be ready for the next opportunity.
  • You’re looking for the latest most beautiful CV template. 99% of the time, what kills people’s CV is the content: how to talk about their experience, how to highlight their key strengths. Not the CV colors. I’m not in design or marketing, I’m an Engineer: let’s focus on the core value, not the gimmicks. It works (well, if you’re in design you must have a good design … but it won’t save you if the core is lacking).

If you’re motivated and really want a job in Australia, keep reading: you will learn what in this guide will help you get more interviews.

How Transforming Your CV Will Help You

Most hiring managers will read through your CV in 7 seconds or less.
Yeap, that’s short.

You will spend hours on your CV … but one single mistake and you’re out in seconds.

Additionally, in Australia rules are different: you better learn them fast or won’t get a job here.

Here is what you will learn:

  • The Australian CV typical structure
  • The number #1 mistake French make in their CV
  • How to present a sharp & short story that makes managers want to call you
  • What Australians do not understand – and how to write so they get it (or: how to speak about your French education & experience in Aussie English)

Then we dive into the details, approaching the technical questions with a pragmatic theory and real-life examples:

  • What is the ideal length of your CV?
  • How to write the heading?
  • How to write the education section?
  • How to write about professional experiences?
  • How to write about skills?
  • How to write about activities and interests?
  • What about references?
  • How to customise your CV in less than 2 minutes for a new job offer?

In addition to the above, you will also get:

  • Dozens of examples to compare your CV with
  • My full Australian CV of a Project Engineer
  • “Before / After” examples with line-by-line explanations

You may think “I can do it myself” 

Yes, you can.

The real question is: how long will it take you?

In all case, you have to do the job. I will provide you with real examples of transformation (before/after) and content you can copy-paste in your resume. But you will need to sit down, read the material and apply it if you want results. You will have to work on your own CV. I cannot do everything for you – and if you’re expecting that, you’re in the wrong place.

This guide is a toolbox. You are the only one who can pick up those tools, write yourself a good CV and get called back for interviews.

With the right tools, you will go 10x faster and get 10x more results.

WARNING: Your Time Is Limited

Don’t forget: the question is “how long will it take you?”
3 months? 6 months like most people? 1 year?

The clock is ticking, especially if you need a visa: the longer you wait, the more pressure you will feel. Every week, hundreds of foreigners are leaving Australia because they couldn’t find a job.

Don’t be one of them: don’t waste time now.
Use this tool to get your dream job.

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widad17Thomas has a strong knowledge of the Australian job market and knows what really works. Great service!

julien18His approach and his honesty are two of the reasons he is one of the rare people I believe trustworthy.

emen17His tips are relevant and down-to-earth, immediately applicable to my situation. I got what I needed to succeed.

lorraine17With the correct tools, I felt more confident in my research. Thomas really boosted me up. Best for the future!

vlad17Thomas had the same experience as us because he came here as a WHV. He answered all my questions about the CV.

marie17What to say except a big THANKS? Thomas was really helpful to transform my CV and Cover Letter. A lot of practical advice.

How do you know it really works? 

You are probably thinking “I don’t want to spend money on an online guide if it doesn’t really help me”.

You’re right to be sceptical.
Every smart French should be.
I was too when in your situation (I bought a guide from a marketing guy when I came and it was full of commonalities … so I get why you could be worried).

That is why I have 3 unbeatable guarantees for you:

Guaranty #1: 100% risk-FREE 

If for any reason you are not fully satisfied, I will give you your money back, no question asked. It shows you how confident I am you will be pleased.

This is a 1-month guaranty because I believe in people taking actions.
If you have not opened this guide in the first 30 days, I don’t think you are serious enough.

All the clients who bought this guide used it in the first weeks and got results. There is no reason to wait.

Guaranty #2: Ask Me Your Questions for FREE

If you have additional questions on Australian CVs, you can contact me anytime during the following year and I will answer you directly.

Why this full year support? Because my main goal is for you to transform you CV and be 100% confident in it. If anything is left unanswered, I will solve it for you – and then update the guide for everyone.

Guaranty #3: FREE Updates

I regularly update this guide – for example, adding examples from real people I coached. Once you have bought one guide, all the next revisions will be free for you.

How Can I Offer Such Guarantees? 

Because I know this material works and has a proven track record.

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Back to Price

Now, you know that 1) you can get your money back and 2) you can ask me any question not answered in this guide.

Let’s be real and talk money.

This guide costs $30.

Yeap, that’s not a bullsh*t marketing price of $29.90. Getting you a job is a serious business so we’re not gonna use marketing gimmicks. There is value in transforming your CV and that is the price.

Your first thought probably is: “That’s a high price only to upgrade my CV”

The truth is: it is a cheap price to get your dream job in Australia.

And as many French people before you, you will then realise: this investment will pay for itself 100 times.

Let’s pretend you buy the guide, transform your CV and get an interview quicker. The sooner the interviews, the sooner you will get a job. In average, French people buying this guide save 2 months: if this is your case, you will save over $8,000 (2 months of $4,000 salary – equivalent to the minimum base of $55k/year).

Even being conservative and imagining you just save 1 week to get a job, you will save more than $1,000.

Time is money – and this guide will save you tons of time.

Oh, and by the way, you can afford it: drink 3 less beers at your next party and you will have saved those $30 (you can even skip this party and work on your CV instead, to get closer to your next job!).

And that’s not all: here is an additional bonus for you.

Bonus: Two CV Templates Ready-To-Use

My only goal is for you to succeed, so I will give you everything I’ve got. This includes 2 easy-to-use templates for your CV.

I created those templates first for my friends. But they became so effective that I could not keep them from you.

Now is your time: invest in yourself and drive your career forward.

2019-07 CV Guide Cover.png

One Last Testimonial

vlad17Thomas’ Australian CV template was one of the key things that got me my current job. An investment that pays for itself.

One Last Reminder

If you want a job, it’s time to take action NOW.

This is the best guide to turn your French CV into an Australian one and get called back for interviews.

So if you’re tired of no getting interviews, take massive action TODAY and transform your CV now.

Your life. Your dream. Your call.

Full Signature Thomas

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